About us

LAN Logix was established in 2005 by now serial entrepreneur, Wayne Exner.

His vision back then was to provide the South African SME market with high quality IT infrastructure solutions and support – much the same as the Enterprise environments he had worked in, but on a smaller (and less costly) scale.

Key to the success of the new venture were two points – to reduce the frustration that IT causes for business owners and to deliver IT solutions right, the first time.

IT outsourcing issues

Exner had identified six major issues with IT outsourcing which were likely the major causes of the frustration which business owners were experiencing.

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Box dropping

IT resellers providing “box products” for customers without understanding their business requirements.

Lack of customer support Icon

Severe lack of customer service

The general perception of IT companies and staff in South Africa was (and still is) very poor.

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Low skill levels of outsourced IT staff

So-called “qualified” personnel lack the necessary skills to adequately support even basic systems.

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Cost of IT

Information Technology is seen as a cost centre or “black hole” into which money is poured and no value ever obtained. Customers are often overcharged for equipment and services as they do not know what they should be paying.

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Lack of standards, documentation and quality control

Each outsourced engineer follows their own methods. This leads to a complete lack of standardisation and delays in problem resolution when different engineers must address an issue. Management of outsourcing companies do not implement quality controls or require solution documentation.

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Purchased technology is not fully utilised

This is directly related to IT staff skill levels. Companies spend fortunes on technology but it is never properly implemented.

LAN Logix continuously strives to resolve and rectify these issues and in turn to allow business owners and their staff to focus on delivering service to their clients and generating revenue (rather than worrying about and struggling with IT problems).

Over the past 11 years, LAN Logix has grown and evolved into a full-service IT solution partner, specialising in Managed IT Support and Consulting Services. It may be 11 years down the line, but the fundamentals which LAN Logix was founded upon remain unchanged.